Sonntag, 13. März 2016

More action and fun with friends

The last weeks were pretty busy since february has the most toursists in the resort.
I still tried to manage to get as much freetime as possible to go on the mountain.
Also Bine & Christian gave me a visit from Regensburg, we were very lucky to get the best snow of the season and christian definetly knows how to spray as you can see in the photos.

 It was very easy to hide behind the snow. Christian is showing us how to do it.

YES. It was a good day!

In early march Fabu and i did some hiking to find more good snow. As you can see in my face - we did!

 I think he was also pretty happy. 

Some selfie pow action. Staying focused. 

 Feels like canada. But Laax also has a lot of tree runs to offer.

 Thats me trying to hit a pillow properly. Still trying.

 and tailgrabbing from a sidehit.
Buttering over a hip.

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