Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

PRH 1.5

First post, here we go.

Its a while back, but i want to share this experience i made with my friends eva and thomas.

In august we decided to take the long road to slovenia for punk rock holiday. A small festival in the middle of the mountains in this beautiful country which is definetly worth a trip and a must see. Its limited to 5000 punkrockers, freaks und most of all nice people who come together to celebrate good times with good music, food and drinks.

Its always nice driving into the mountains. Doesnt matter if its for snowboarding or punkrock. The view never disappoints ( see below ).
Some exploring in a ruin in italy.

Setting up our tent in this scenery. Not too bad.

 So there are just two stages. This is the BEACH STAGE next to the most beautiful Soca River.

Check this out!

Most of the time we spend in the water playing frisbee and listening to the bands on the beach stage. You need to cool off when its 35 degrees and you already drank 5 beers at 12AM.

 A big party for one week.


See you at PRH 1.6.. Peace!

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